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Environmental Policy



Dino Cheramie is the owner and president of Cheramie Marine, LLC and brings over 30 years experience to the company.  His career began with a family-owned company, Cheramie, Inc., where he served as the general manager overseeing all operational aspects of the company for fifteen years.  He was then recruited by and served as VP of Operations & Marketing for Crosby Tugs, LLC for seven years.  In 1994, Dino purchased and began operating a small fleet of inland barges, establishing his first in a series of successful marine companies.  Cheramie Marine, LLC, as it is known today, was established in 2003 with four utility boats, and has since prospered into a diverse fleet of seven vessels, including supply, mini-supply, and utility vessels.

  2. To use as few hazardous waste products as possible.
  3. To replace hazardous waste products with non-hazardous waste products whenever possible.
  4. To eliminate or alter processes that generate hazardous waste so that hazardous waste is not generated.
  5. Manage stocks to prevent expiration.
  6. Ensure that all processes that do generate hazardous waste are designed to ensure that only minimal amounts are generated.
  7. Ensure that hazardous wastes that are generated are recyclable and/or returnable to the supplier.  CHERAMIE MARINE LLC's objective is that we generate as little waste as possible and none that requires disposal.
  8. Ensure that only waste generated by CHERAMIE MARINE LLC's vessels through pre-approved processes is the only waste accepted or located on CHERAMIE MARINE LLC's vessels.  (i.e. spent abrasive, paint waste, drums)
  9. Demonstrate genuine concern for the environment through CHERAMIE MARINE LLC's actions.
  10. The key is to avoid whenever possible the use of materials which become hazardous waste.  We must as well understand that we cannont legally transfer our responsibility for a hazardous waste by allowing someone else to dispose of it.





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